ID: A23-077
Status: Medical Pending
Age: 19 mos
Gender: Female
Color: White with Hearing
Ears: Natural
Tail: Docked
Children: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Cats: No
Contact: Janet

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01/20/2024 – Diamond is doing really well with her foster mom but she would really love another pup to play with. She is a goofball in the backyard and is dreaming of playing with a fur sibling inside or out. She is a sweet gal and a quick learner who adores being with her family.

01/07/2024 – Diamond was adopted by a family that adored her, but sadly we learned she is not cat friendly. Diamond did great with her fur brother, and loved having a human brother to play with, but wanted the kitty for a snack. The family was so sad, but knew it wasn’t going to work. She is now available for a family that does not have cats. 

12/27/2023 – Diamond loved her first real Christmas, visiting foster family, even though she had just been spayed a few days before. She was so good and calm despite the present unwrapping all around her. She didn’t know what to do when presented with her gift. She was wonderful with the almost 2yo foster granddaughter, who adores Diamond. We are also happy to announce that she is now fully house-trained! She even did well staying at other families’ houses! She is a riot, having learned she gets a reward when asked to sit, as now she just comes up and sits without being asked but looking for the reward, lol. She’d love to start the new year with her forever family.

12/22/2023 – Di did well in surgery yesterday and is now spayed. The staff at the vet hospital adore her. She jumps up on the scale when asked and just loves on all the staff, giving everyone wiggle butt greetings. She’s also learned “sit”! She definitely wants to please once she figures out what you are wanting and she is very easy to teach as she loves snacks! She’s really enjoying life in a home, something she didn’t know until BRAF! Although she does great on her own, we think she’d love a friend to play with or at least someone with lots of time to play with her.

12/15/23/2023 – Di (as foster Mom calls her) has gained four much-needed pounds since the last update. She can now take the final rounds of Panacur and will be spayed next week! She has made huge gains in house training, too! She’s come such a long with love and caring. She met her foster nephew last night, and it was such an easy introduction despite the other dog not wanting to share his toys. She just wanted to play. She’d love to start the New Year with a family of her own!

12/04/2023 – What a difference a week makes! Diamond came in full of intestinal worms, but is well on her way to feeling like a healthy girl! Her puppy personality is shining. She loves toys and doing the zoomies in the back yard. We have come a long way in the house training and she is attentive and loves to please! She is great in her crate and goes in by herself to relax sometimes. She still needs to complete the second round of deworming meds and be spayed but she should be ready for her forever family to start the new year!

11/26/2023 – Diamond is a diamond in the rough today but will be able to start her new life starting now and blossom into a real beauty.  She is underweight and a pocket boxer.  But that doesn’t stop her from wanting to be loved, as she loves everyone.  Stay tuned to witness her explode to become her true, stunning self.