ID: A23-007
Status: Adoption Pending!
Age: 5 yrs
Gender: Female
Color: Fawn
Weight: 60 lbs
Ears: Natural
Tail: Docked
Children: Yes
Dogs: Large dogs
Cats: No
Contact: Myra

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02/19/2023 – Hi – It’s me, Cookie! Whoopee!
My foster family has fallen in love with me! As soon as I am spayed and have healed, my foster family is going to adopt me. I’m still a little shy, but my Mom and Dad are teaching me new things and slowly introducing me to new things, dogs, and people. I’ve almost got the “potty training” down pat. Mom and Dad have almost learned my signals to go out. I’ll keep working on them. They are really smart and loving!
I’m really enjoying playing with them in the house and in the back yard1. I also get to go for walks, which is nice because I get to see new things and meet new people, dogs, and little people called kids.

My new name reveal will be on my adoption notice. Hint: it means “Bright and Luminous light”! Yes! I’m going to be here permanently!

I’ll keep you posted.

Boxer wiggles and hugs02/10/2023 – Hi all,
Woohoo! I found out yesterday that I am heartworm negative!
I am so excited that I will not have to go through that treatment.
My Mom and Dad are so happy! I’ve been learning to go potty outside, and I get to do ” Zooms” around the backyard and play with my Mom and Dad.
Life is good,
Miss Cookie

02/03/2023 – Heeeere she crumbs. It’s the a-dough-rable and sweet Miss Cookie! Cookie is a gentle girl that enjoys love and attention. She loves kids and gets along well with other dogs. She also walks quite well on a leash. Her foster parents are enjoying getting to know her and have been spending lots of time playing in the backyard wi

th her. They are working on potty training and basic manners; Mom says she is one smart Cookie and is confident she will learn quickly.

Miss Cookie is in our Foster to Adopt program and not available for adoption. If you have been approved and would like to take part in this program for new dogs coming in to rescue, please contact your BRAF representative. If you have not been ap

proved complete our application and check both Foster and