ID: A19-034
Status: Medical Pending
Age: 2 yrs
Gender: Female
Color: Fawn
Weight: ?
Ears: Natural
Tail: Docked
Children: Unknown
Dogs: Unknown
Cats: Unknown
Contact: Dawn / Jean

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10/31/19 – Penelope and Pippin: Their Journey

Penelope and Pippin are scared, but very sweet girls. They came to us because their owner was ill. The girls lived outside and could go in and out of a patio. Unfortunately, they did not get much socialization with people or other dogs. Our loving fosters have tried for over 2 months now to house train and get them to a point that they are not so scared. They have made some progress, but still have a long way to go.

Penelope is a little more outgoing than Pippin. They hear a noise outside and they want to retreat right back in to their crates where they feel safe. They will slowly come to greet you, but when we try to bring them outside their comfort zone, they want to just retreat back to their crate. It is truly heartbreaking. They are very sweet girls and have a love for people, so we feel it is in their best interest to go to Todd Langston, a professional dog behaviorist and trainer, and live with him for a month.

Todd is known to work with difficult cases like Penelope and Pippin. He also did some training with Cesar Millan and Todd has graciously helped us out with discounting the fee for these girls.

We’re asking for your help with Penelope and Pippin. Even with a discount, professional training is very expensive and these girls need our help. We are so grateful that one of the girl’s foster families has generously donated $2000.00 to their care! We are very blessed to have such loving and caring fosters in our BRAF family. It is our hope to match that donation, so we can cover Penelope and Pippiin’s training.

Please help us help them!! Thank you!

PLEASE DONATE TO: and note in the comments box that it’s for The Girls.

10/8/19 – Penelope is a sweet frightened little girl who is half of a bonded pair. She and her sister Pippin are slowly beginning to open up and trust.  They play together and are at the start of becoming a most spectacular pair of girls. Stay tuned!

9/8/19 – Penelope has just come in to BRAF with her sister, Pippin, as their owner became very ill and could no longer care for them. These beautiful girls are very bonded and together they are beginning to feel more secure in their foster home.  We will be learning more about them as they settle in so check back soon!