ID: A20-010
Status: Medical Pending
Age: 9 mos
Gender: Male
Color: White with slight hearing
Weight: 35 lbs
Ears: Natural
Tail: Docked
Children: Unknown
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Unknown
Contact: Laura

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03/24/2020 – Snow is gaining some much needed weight and is learning manners as he plays with 3 Boxer ladies who are showing him how to behave. He is still healing after 2 major surgeries and hopefully will be available soon.
Check back soon for updates on this cutie.

03/11/2020 – Snow has gained 5 lbs! He is starting to feel like a puppy, maybe for the 1st time. He’s just 10 months old and has been through a lot and needs more weight before he can be neutered.

2/28/2020 – Snow is a tiny Boxer boy weighing in at just 35 lbs. He was surrendered to the shelter because his owner couldn’t afford to take care of him anymore.

Snow had a severe case of whip and hook worms that thickened his intestinal lining. He had exploratory surgery to make sure there were no obstructions. Snow is on the mend but will need some time to bounce back from all of this. He will also need to be neutered once he has put on some more weight. Our shelter partner has offered to do his neuter at no charge to BRAF.

Check back in about a month to see how Snow is progressing.