Surrendering Your Boxer

If you have decided to surrender your Boxer to Boxer Rescue Angels of Florida Inc., please be sure you have read all of the information, including our requirements and policies, on the Surrender page before completing the Owner Surrender Form below.

Please understand that submission of the form does not guarantee your Boxer will be accepted into our program.  As a rescue, our first priority is shelter dogs at risk for euthanasia. As all of our dogs are placed in private foster homes it may take some time for one to open that is suited to the needs of your Boxer so we ask for your patience.

Please complete with as much information as possible as we want to provide all Boxers coming into our rescue a successful placement in a permanent home which can meet their particular needs.  Providing true and correct information helps us do this.
A BRAF Volunteer will contact you shortly after our receipt of the form.

Fields marked with an * are required.
Please do not leave any blank fields.  Type in “None”, “Unknown” or “N/A” as the application will not submit if required fields are left blank.  Please attach photographs of your Boxer to this Surrender form or have them available to email to the BRAF Volunteer when contacted.

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