Rainbow Bridge

If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.


After 2 1/2 wonderful years, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Susie Anne on Saturday, April 27th. BRAF pulled her out of a Polk County shelter, and it was evident that she’d had a rough go of it. She also had a couple of major medical issues that needed to be addressed. We decided that it was important for her to have her own “Forever Home,” so we adopted her, took on the medical challenges, and are SO glad we did. Susie was a feisty girl but also very sweet (when she wanted to be) and gave us all the love and devotion anyone could ask for. She was also a sister to another BRAF alum, Sallie Anne, who unfortunately passed away a year after we adopted her. She spent the last year and a half as an only child, which we think is what she preferred. She was loved and will be missed. RIP sweetie.



Crixus came to us in January from the only home he’d ever known. He was unsure and hesitant for the first day, but then his goofy self came out. He was very vocal when he wanted you to chase him with his toy or to show his protection of us. We miss our long walks and him looking up to make sure we were still there. He had the most soulful eyes and a face you couldn’t help but fall in love with. He was super sweet, a gentle giant that was taken way too soon. We will miss you, sweet boy.



Layla was full of cancer, and even the most aggressive treatments wouldn’t have gained her much time. In her final weeks, Layla’s foster mom gave her so much love, let her have her favorite food, spaghetti, and gave her the best end of life any pup could ask for. Layla will be missed.



Bodin is another star in the sky. Bo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday (Monday, 11/13/23). He was in pain and couldn’t get comfortable.  Bodin was a big goof, stingy with kisses but his foster mom (Virginia) didn’t care. She loved him to death. He was her heart and soul. Bo had seperation anxiety and would go through the screen to meet her at the mailbox.  Bodin will be greatly missed. Hug your fur kids and keep Virginia in your thoughts.  This sweet boy is running pain free with his friends.


BENNY (Benjamin)

Sweet,Sweet Benny crossed the rainbow bridge on October 2,2023.  Benny was our first foster with BRAF and he arrived on December 10,2022. As with most, if not all, his whole world had been turned upside down, and he had the appearance of one who had just given up all hope and knew he had nothing left to live for.
Well, that was not to be. The first week was rough, I won’t lie, but then it was like his switch had been flipped and he was exactly where he was meant to be!

Benny absolutely thrived with us!  He was one of THE MOST DRAMATIC dogs I have ever known!  He believed everyone we crossed paths with, was either going to kidnap him or us, so he had to scare them all away! Once the threat had passed, he would look back at us with such pride! He scared the bad guys away!  He would shoot us the side eye if we insulted him in some way (like telling him to go lay down). This would continue until whoever insulted him, apologized. Then all was right in the World of Benny.  He LOVED car rides with the windows down! Once a week, we would drive all around, and he was so happy! He loved pup cups from Starbucks. Loved drinking water from the garden hose. But most of all he just loved us with everything he had❤️  He had a special connection with our cat Skye, where she loved him so much more and he tolerated her loving on him 😆 He didn’t play with toys, but he and Skye would have races until she was tired of him.  I could go on and on, but I will stop here.

As with all pets, Benny was the best dog ever, and is so very missed 💔





It is with a sad heart that our sweet forever care Maximus has crossed the rainbow bridge. He came in a terrified boy after his owner passed away and was left at the shelter by family members and BRAF came to his rescue. His foster mom was the best and loved him until the end. He was so happy with her and his fur brothers and sisters. Run free you sweet angel.





Our “little wren” Jedda peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge today with Foster Mum by her side. Jedda was one of the sweetest and most loving little girls we’ve had the pleasure of fostering. Jedda had lived a life of neglect before the BRAF Angels pulled her in to rescue, coming to us with ribs showing, heartworms and a dislocated hip that had not been treated and healed on its own. Jedda embraced her new life and met everyone, two and four legged, with tail wagging and wanting to give and receive love. Snuggling with Foster Mum and Dad on the couch, sunbathing and exploring in the backyard were her favorite things to do. When congestive heart disease began affecting her quality of life we knew it was time to let her go. Run free my sweet baby with all our beloved dogs at the bridge.






We adopted Olive in September of 2020 and she was so nervous and afraid, but within a short time her loving and caring personality came out. She had such a big personality and always happy. We were so blessed to have her these last few years and will miss her terribly, but know she is happy and running free. Always in our heart.





Dobby was the best boy who loved his humans. After a week of illness, he was found to have cancer and had to be laid to rest. He had a great life while with BRAF and was loved dearly. He returned that love 10-fold. He will be missed.




Roxie was picked up from the shelter in the nick of time before they closed due to hurricane Ian. If dogs could talk, she would have told us how horrible she felt, but instead, she was full of butt wiggles and sweet kisses. Despite how sick she was, she loved every person and dog she met and even pranced around happily with her new toys. 

She was diagnosed with a ruptured spleen that had bled into her stomach. Sadly, this appeared to have been going on for quite some time, and we are so sorry we didn’t get to her sooner. 

Roxie may have only been with us for a couple of days, but she was incredibly loved by her foster mom, Debi. She spent time with her boxer brother Apollo who happily shared his treats and toys with her. She was safe, spoiled, and surrounded by love. Mom and one of the BRAF Angels were there to help her cross over the rainbow bridge, and she left this earth with love in her eyes and goodbye kisses. Rest in peace, sweet girl.




We are sad to announce that sweet boy Chase has crossed the rainbow Bridge, but we are so grateful he spent his final days knowing what it was like to feel safe and loved. He slept in the bed with mom and his cat siblings, snuggled on laps and couches, and played with lots of toys bought just for him, he was spoiled with tons of treats, and he got to enjoy his first pup cup. Rest in peace sweet boy.

May be an image of 1 person and dog



Our Forever Care Sox crossed the Rainbow Bridge today with Angels Mom and Dad by his side. After years of neglect he was rescued by BRAF and enjoyed the love and care he so richly deserved. Sox lived his best life enjoying car rides, lots of toys, walks and sharing vacations with Mom and Dad. Run free sweet boy. Your pawprints will forever be on our hearts.



We said goodbye to a very special girl today. Baby Girl was pulled in by BRAF after being found abandoned in a home the day after Christmas. She had suffered long time neglect with severe heartworms, arthritis, ear hematomas, a lemon-size mct on hind leg and a tail that had been broken in numerous places. Due to her age she was placed in BRAF’s Forever Care program to be loved on and kept comfortable for the time she had left. Despite her sad life, Baby Girl was the sweetest and most loving soul we ever met. She was always happy, happy to meet new friends and her poor broken tail never stopped wagging. She only wanted to love and be loved and snuggle on the couch with Foster Mum and Dad who she adored. In the months she was with us she learned how good life could be and was given love in abundance. She knew she was safe and often slept on her back with a big smile on her face.

As Baby Girl’s hind end became weaker and she began coughing more from the heartworms we knew the time had come and Foster Mum was by her side as she peacefully crossed the bridge. She is now running pain free with all the other BRAF dogs who met her at the bridge. We will miss this special girl who left her paw prints on our hearts.



Our Sweety Petey. What a blessing this sweet old soul was for us. He came into our home like a beaming light and lit up the house.

He was the leader and constantly liked to reprimand my other dogs when they got too rowdy. He loved to cuddle and because of Petey we ended up letting dogs on the couches because well he was a big mush. His antics were like the boxer breed and he would bark to go play ball with the neighbor kids. He also figured out how to open my pantry and shop for everything he could get his paws on. He loved us as much as we love him.

He was a true fighter. We are absolutely devastated at his loss, but so grateful we had the year and a half with him we did. He opened our hearts and while as painful as his passing was it taught us the greatest gift, of helping senior dogs live their very best lives. We know he is running free now but his loss will leave a huge hole in our hearts.



Today Maxx was helped to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Very sweet girl whose time was cut short due to cancer of the bladder. The light had gone out of her eyes and she was in pain. We ended that pain and she was treated to a Mickey Dee’s cheeseburger, though she passed on the fries.

Maxx is now with her friends running pain free. You will be missed sweet girl.



With heavy hearts Daisy Mae was helped across the rainbow bridge yesterday after being rushed to the ER by her foster mom, Christina. The news was devastating as ultrasound found a mass on her spleen which had ruptured and x-rays showed it had spread to her lungs. With a poor prognosis Daisy Mae peacefully crossed the bridge with foster mom by her side.

Daisy Mae won the hearts of everyone she met. She came to BRAF after a loving home took her in from a breeder because she could no longer have litters. Unfortunately, the other dogs in her new home did not want to share it with her so BRAF was contacted to help.

Daisy Mae was a sweet and good-natured lovebug. She loved to snuggle and to be loved. She enjoyed running and playing in the yard with Christina’s young Boxer Mac and surprised everyone when on Day 1 in her foster home she ran in from the yard and splashed right onto the pool sun shelf to cool off! A dip in the pool became her morning habit. Daisy Mae was a special girl, so easy to love and she filled hearts with happiness and joy.

Her new life was just beginning and she was much too young to say goodbye but we are very grateful for the abundant love and joy Daisy Mae enjoyed during the short time she was with us. Rest in peace sweet girl. You can now be with your babies and you’ll be in our hearts forever.

Please keep Christina and her girls in your thoughts and prayers.



We are sad to share that Forever Care McArthur peacefully crossed the bridge yesterday with Foster Mum Dawn by his side. Mac embodied everything we love about Boxers – sweet, happy, playful, friendly, calm and devoted. Sadly, he had the Boxer predisposition to medical issues but he remained steadfast in his joy of life and was loved by everyone he met.

Mac was a snugglebug and at night would worm his way up to the pillows. His favorite toy was a purple rabbit he’d toss around to hear it crinkle. He loved car rides and the sound of keys would have him prancing around waiting to hit the road for what adventures may be in store. He enjoyed walks and dog parks were a place to meet new friends though he was content to explore on his own.

Mac had been loved all 8 years of his life, coming in to rescue after his Dad passed, with abundant love continuing from his Foster Mum and Dad. When Foster Mum was working you’d find him lounging on the couch in her office. Mac was smitten when their young granddaughter came to visit and in typical Boxer fashion played with her during the day and cuddled with her at night.

If only love could have cured you sweet boy. We did not expect to lose you so soon and you will be in our hearts forever. Run Free until we meet again.



An Ode to The Valentine Girls –

This is a story about three Boxer girls that lived with the Valentine Family and who never met each other, but whose lives came to intersect, whether by coincidence or by design. Georgia Rose (left) was not a rescue, but this story begins with her. She was a stunningly beautiful girl, known as the “The Wild Child”, full of life and energy. Unfortunately that life was cut short by cancer at the tender age of 5 ½, and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 22nd, 2020. Everyone grieves differently. The Valentine’s have found Boxer rescue to be their prescription for healing. Having 2-3 girls in the household is what they are accustomed to and very comfortable with. The loss of Georgia Rose left a broken heart and an older sister, Sallie Anne, another BRAF. Ms. Minnie Pearl (center), a senior girl, was surrendered to BRAF, coincidentally on January 22nd, and by chance (or design), her photo was seen by the Valentines. She was fostered by the phenomenal Jim & Sara George. Minnie needed a home, and the Valentine’s had an opening, so it came to pass that Minnie, with Georgia’s blessing of course, found a new home with them. She spent almost an entire year as a happy Valentine girl until sadly, cancer reared it’s ugly head again. On January 18th, 2021 Minnie Pearl made her journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

Another broken heart, another vacancy, and another search for a sister for Sallie Anne.
A sweet 14 year old boxer by the name of Sophie Anne (right) was surrendered to BRAF. She was taken into foster care coincidentally by our Jim and Sara George. The George’s knew however, that Sophie was going to need a permanent home, which could prove a bit difficult given her age. They foster Boxers during their 6 month’s residence in Florida. The Valentine’s & the George’s had a mutual love for their Boxers, that developed into a friendship. So, when the Valentine’s inquired about Sophie Anne’s future after the George’s returned to their home base, it only made sense that Sophie Anne would also become a Valentine Girl. Looking over Sophie’s paperwork, it was noted that her birthday was on January 18th, the same day that Minnie had passed on. Was it a coincidence, or was it a sign? It didn’t matter. Sophie needed a home and sadly, and/or by design, the Valentine’s once again had an opening. So it came to pass that Sophie Anne, like Georgia Rose and Minnie Pearl before her, became a Valentine girl. She spent four and a half wonderful months enjoying taking walks in the park, playing with her next door neighbor, laying out in the back yard on her blanket enjoying the cool breeze under the oak trees, and mooching as many treats and goodies as she could. It would have been wonderful had she lived to see 15 years, but she finally succumbed to kidney cancer, and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 16th, 2021.

Three wonderful girls who’s lives touched on very special dates. Coincidence or by design … you can decide for yourself.

What we know for a fact and believe with our full hearts, is you are truly blessed when you have earned the love of an old dog. And we still have one, our 13 ½ year old BRAF Sallie Anne to help strengthen our heart strings.



Our sweet Forever Care Toffee crossed the Rainbow Bridge today with her beloved Foster Mum and friend Chris by her side. Toffee’s former life was one of neglect and when she came to rescue we thought she’d only be with us a few short days. Those days turned into 8 months during which she was loved beyond measure and learned life could be good. Toffee adored her Foster Mum and followed her everywhere. She could not hear due to damage to her ears but she knew she was safe with Mum. Toffee will be remembered always as a sweet girl who captured the hearts of all who met her. Thank you to everyone who donated toward Toffee’s care. She is now pain free and running like the wind. Goodbye sweet girl.



We are sad to share that we lost our Seamus Tuesday, January 12, 2021. We only had him a little over 2 short years. He was such a special and sweet boy. When we first got him, he had no problem jumping on the bed and taking a spot on the pillow. Many times he slept between the two of us and our other dog at my feet. We loved to snuggle with him. His favorite things were treats, hugs and snuggling with his blankets on the couch. His favorite is in this photo and came with him from his second foster mom, Kathy. When he could no longer jump on the bed or the couch, we helped him on the couch and made sure he had blankies beside him. We don’t know how he became a stray, but someone either lost or discarded a wonderful, sweet and well behaved boy. We loved him so much and miss him terribly. But we are so blessed to have been loved in return by him. We could see the love and gratitude in his eyes. They day we lost him, he napped on the couch, on his back with his legs up in the air. He was dreaming and running in his sleep. He was unable to run, but now he is running free. We love you Seamus.
Kelly and Russell



Our old boy Gordy crossed the Bridge on Sept. 3. He was so tired the last week we could hardly get him up to eat or go out. He was a great mentor & big brother to our puppy Huck who joined us last June. He stopped interacting with Huck at the end also. He always had a calm, gentle demeanor yet was “onguard” when he needed to be. He was one of the best and we will miss him dearly.



It’s with a sad, broken heart that we announce the passing of our beloved Chase on Aug 18,2020 due to Cardiac Arrhythmia. Chase brought so much joy into our hearts. He was such a sweet, loving dog. We knew the moment we saw his picture on BRAF’s Facebook page he was meant to be our dog. Chase is not only missed by us but also by his sister Brandy (Rosie) who we adopted on Aug 10,2019 from BRAF. Chase you will always be with us forever in our hearts.❤️???



“We were on our way to Shands Vet hospital Friday evening after visiting our local vet and his direction. On the way there, our sweet and loving And amazing Rambo passed while Allison held his paw and he rested peacefully. The experts said they thought it was a cardiac issue and he just slowed down. He passed away with love and with peace and we were with him which makes me so happy. He was my kids best friend and was one of the best dogs I have ever been around. I will see him again in Heaven as all dogs go there and I know it. I wanted to let you know as you loved him too. We gave him the most amazing life, and he gave us an amazing love in return. I’ll Think about Rambo every day of my life so thank you for letting us welcome him to our lives.”
Eric and Allison



BRAF is deeply saddened by Bess crossing over the  ? bridge. She was a sweet, happy girl who was loved to the end.

My beloved Bess, adopted from BRAF died from catastrophic stroke on July 24, 2020. She was almost 11 years old. We adopted her Nov 2019 and is deeply missed.



Scooter crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 6/19/2020 and is no long in pain, after bravely battling several health issues. Scooter was one of the Magnificent Seven, who came to us with his sister, Sophie, as a bonded pair. He became a Daddy’s boy and he loved snuggling.

Even though Scooter weighed in at 75 pounds, he considered himself a small lap dog. He enjoyed naps, belly rubs and having
his elbows scratched. He is sorely missed by his sister, Sophie, and his humans. Thank you for the love and the laughter Scooter! Until we meet again, buddy… XOXOXO



Izzy gained her angel wings on June 22, 2020.

She came to BRAF on June 23, 2016 – afraid and scared.
Izzy passed with her loving Mom at her side. Every day her Mom came home from work she would give a hug for about thirty minutes each day. Paws around her neck for a huge hug when Mom came home – Izzy loved giving hugs and playing with her friend, Magic the cat.

She will truly be missed by her Mom and Dad and Magic.

Run Free Izzy – play free of pain with your Boxer friends.



Passed away 6/22/20 from an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure. This came on suddenly as he started huffing and puffing four weeks ago. Our vet sent him to a specialist in Clearwater but it was too far along. He was such a well behaved boy that loved any kind of balls. He passed at home in the loving arms of his family.


Hondo peacefully passed to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His health had started to fail and he was slowing down.

I stayed with him until the end, telling him what a good boy he was and that he was loved by everyone that met him.

His foster home will miss Hondo dearly as they fell in love with him. R.I.P. Hondo.


Harley and her sister Lexie Lou came in to BRAF on June 1, 2018 and these two sweet bonded seniorswere very fortunate when a loving BRAF Foster Home stepped up to foster these best buddies together. Both were happy girls who loved people and were a joy to be around. When Harley’s sister passed earlier this year Harley’s Forever Foster Family helped ease her loss with extra love, comfort and snuggles on the couch. Sadly, Harley had to be rushed to the ER this week and her heartbroken Mom set her free to cross the rainbow bridge to run and play once again with Lexi Lou. Our deep sorrow and sympathy goes out to this wonderful family for their loss of these sweet girls who they loved so much and were loved so deeply by the girls in return. There are no truer words than those of Sidney Jeanne Seward, “Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.” Run free sweet Harley with Lexi Lou forever by your side.

This is so beautiful. Thank you BRAF for blessing me with the opportunity of having the time I did with the girls.
I must admit I was hesitant to take in seniors but I HIGHLY encourage anyone who is thinking of adopting or fostering please consider taking in a senior.

Seniors are truly a blessing and as my heart is breaking I am truly happy and grateful for the time BRAF gave me with them.



We adopted Bronx formerly known as Leo 3 years ago and I just wanted to let you know we had to say our goodbyes to this sweet boy in October. He wasn’t acting right late August so I took him to the vet to find out he had a mass on his spleen and required an emergency splenectomy. The tumor was hemangiosarcoma which we opted to treat to see how he would respond. In the interim he began collapsing, almost like fainting spells, and after the cardiologist put him on a 24-hour heart monitor we learned he had cardiomyopathy. Medication helped but he continued to have episodes and then about a month later ultrasound and x-rays showed the cancer was back with a vengeance and we were advised to say our goodbyes.

Our hearts were and still are completely shattered! We tried everything we could to save his sweet soul. We loved him dearly and miss him every day. I just wanted to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to love him while we had him.

Please know we loved him and he had a wonderful life!



This little girl was brought to BRAF and stayed as a Forever Dog for 14 months. She was a loving sweet girl that bought Joy to everyone that she met. Good bye my sweet baby


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you our compassionate care foster Kelcie A19-008 has crossed the bridge. John and I were with her as she took her last breath, telling her what a good girl she was and how much we loved her.  I have no doubt our Belle and many other rescues were there to greet her.  Nancy.

Kelcie’s Journey – Kelcie, a petite and happy boxer girl came into BRAF after she was picked up as a stray by a county shelter. Although very thin, and covered in bumps and possible tumors, this friendly young senior was irresistible with her leaning Boxer hugs, soft kisses and wiggles. We knew we needed to help her.

The Boxer Angels named her Kelcie, which roughly translates to ‘Brave’ in the old Irish language. And oh, she has certainly lived up to that name. Through a major surgery, several diagnostic tests, and many different medicines, she has kept her spunk and loving boxer wiggle butt. Sadly, we now have a confirmed diagnosis of cancer which has metastasized to several places in her sweet little body.

The Boxer Angels have moved Kelcie into Forever Care. Kelcie will have a permanent home with her foster family who will ensure that her remaining life is filled with love and companionship. Kelcie will never be alone for a single day for the rest of her life. She loves going to work with her foster mom; car rides give her great joy as she watches the passing scenery! When she comes home to her foster dad and her two boxer brothers after her day at the office, she does her little happy dance. While we are all very sad as we anticipate the end of Kelcie’s Journey, we also recognize the honor it has been to care for her. And we will do all we can to fill her remaining days with happy times.


Sweet Lexie Lou spent almost one year with her loving foster. She was helped over the rainbow bridge by a king vet.

She will be missed by her sister Harley and her foster family. Sweet girl run with no pain and with all of our boxers that are waiting to run and play with you.


Mama Grace had been so overbred, her body just gave out. She was full of cancer and in intense pain. She was unable to eat or drink or we would have given her a cheeseburger. Instead, we held her tired sick body and loved her til she took her last breath. Her eyes said ‘thank you’ as she left.

R.I.P. sweet Mama Grace.


It is with a very sad heart that I report that sweet, handsome Tristan has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Tristan came into BRAF on September 5th and his wonderful foster family worked very hard to help him gain much needed weight and get healthy. But Tristan’s Journey was not an easy one and he was soon diagnosed with pancreatitis and quickly progressing Degenerative Myelopathy. With his dignity and quality of life in swift decline, we made the tough decision to help him pass. Tristan was a lover to the very end, giving kisses as I held him in my arms and then he serenely crossed the bridge.


Henry was a stray picked up by Animal Services. He presented with heavy breathing even though he was HW-. X-rays taken at the Ark showed a huge mass in his chest that was clearly aggravating the evident heart problems.

He had two nights of love and care, hamburgers and then we helped him pass over the Rainbow bridge.


Jack O’s foster mom fell in love with this sweet boy. He was full of life and loved to play with the cat everyday.

Jack O past away in his sleep. He will be greatly missed.

Virginia his mom is heartbroken.


It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the passing of our beloved Hooch. We met Hooch in his senior years and he was our Foster dog and we fell fast in love and ended up adopting him.

Hooch’s favorite thing in the world was to cuddle on the couch with his humans, not just with us but on us (all 90 pounds)! He welcomed fosters into our home and liked going on walks with them side by side. He also enjoyed long car rides, sniffing all around at dog parks and having neighborhood dogs sleepover.

He was only with us for a little over two years but brought so much joy to our family and friends. We are thankful for every day we had with Hooch and also thankful to BRAF for rescuing him.


Pops was lovingly helped to cross the rainbow bridge in the arms of his foster mom.



We are deeply saddened by the loss of our sweet little angel, Hazel, after a brief illness. She was loved by all who knew her, human and canine alike. She was a boxer ambassador. A friend who has never been a boxer fan told us that Hazel had totally changed his mind about boxers. She loved people so much that her morning routine was to go outside, walk to the end of the driveway and look up and down the street looking for someone to greet. And if they had a dog, she was even happier. It’s truly hard letting go of such a sweet soul. We will always miss her.



Rusty was the sweetest old guy who loved the last 2 years of his life, being pampered and loved by his Foster Dad. He welcomed any foster dog that entered the door and was a great ambassador for the Boxer breed. When the cancer invaded his body so aggressively, we knew his time was short.

Until we meet again sweet Rusty, may you rest in peace.



Abby was tiny but she didn’t let that stop her from being sweet as sugar and the PERFECT dog per her Foster Mom. She gave it a good fight for almost 2 years and will be missed dearly by all, especially her 5 year old human foster sister and her Foster Mom Melisa.

R.I.P. baby girl. You were so loved and you returned it 10 fold.


Junior wasn’t with BRAF long, but he was loved and doted on by his forever care Mom. Junior passed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday at age 14 and full of heartworm. BRAF is so glad to have had the pleasure of getting to know this gentle boy. RIP.


I want to thank you all for your heart felt sympathy and regrets at the passing of our sweet old man Duey. We don’t know what his life was like before being found abandoned and wondering the streets in Nov 2015. At 54 lbs, skin and bones, with a severe respiratory Infection. He spent a month in a kennel being treated before we picked him up Dec.5 2015. Still 54 lbs but on the mend. He was Micro chipped so we new his age of 12, birth date of July 16. We expected his time left was short. We gave him lots of love, food, a brother, sisters and a big yard to roam that he loved to explore daily.

We found out soon he was a fighter and he thrived into a 80 lb handsome senior. He loved his daily walks, rides and being with his Pack of Boxer buddies. Hanging out on the bed, couch or your lap as long as we were near he was comfortable. Summer at the campground in MI. he gave kisses to all the kids and to anyone who asked, loved the attention. I think he was happy, but never stopped looking for the family that had abandoned him. He was amazing and we were thrilled to have met, had him in our life and Loved him.


It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Bubba was helped to cross the rainbow bridge. He was examined by our vet and was found to have serious medical issues that were causing pain and discomfort and could not be cured. We could not allow him to suffer. Before he left us, he knew kindness, was given lots of love – and sliced turkey. In return he gave us hugs and wiggles.

His Foster Angel was with him until the end telling him what a good boy he was.


A very sweet girl has crossed over today. Tallie had two huge masses, one on each side, and one was ready to rupture. Her back legs were also giving out.

Tallie was loved and on her last day she had steak and the bone followed by a Hersey’s white chocolate bar – cookies and cream. Her foster brother will miss her – she washed his face, wrinkles, ears and between his feet and gave him sweet kisses.

Tallie will be missed and thank you to her wonderful foster mom and dad who will miss her dearly.



Asia joined our angels at the Rainbow Bridge today. She was only with us for a short time, but she was a wonderful, very sweet girl. It never gets easy to loose a rescue no matter how old they are.

She has lost 13 lbs over the last year, she only weighed 40.5 lbs when she came into rescue. Huge tumor that was cancer and labor breathing. A decision was made to help her cross over and be with our other angels and be free to run and play.



It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you that Carter peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning. As you know, he was a stray in Charlotte County and none of the other rescues would take him. BRAF decided to take a chance on this wonderful little guy. Over the past few weeks, he had started to lose more control of his bowels and his urine stream wasn’t doing so well. His mind was still very sharp and he was embarrassed every time there was an issue. The decision was made that it was time. He was loved and he loved back over the past few months. He was able to come to a couple events with some of the BRAF volunteers and he enjoyed the last part of his life. Thank you all for being part of his world.





Lily peacefully left us this morning. Dr Daniels at Palmer Ranch and staff were very kind.

Lily had a great weekend full of car rides, friends, special treats, cuddly naps and constant companions. 

Friday we hung out with our friend Nichole of Action Art Photography and we made some really fun memories. We also stopped in our favorite pet supply on the way home for special goodies (and attention from the sweet ladies there) Saturday we cuddled on the sofa all day for movie day and Sunday we went for more fun car rides and our early morning and sunset walks. Sunday was a beautiful day and we sat in the back garden for a while while it was breezy.

Even though she was only with us for a short time, she was very dearly loved.


Herc was helped to cross over the bridge, Tuesday, May 10th. HERC loved to go for walks, sleep on the bed with his foster mom. He learned how to open the cooler his foster dad had for his lunch for work. In fact one time HERC and his dad were playing tug of war to see who would win, when Don was trying to get hi lunch back…

He loved, loved, homemade beef jerky, peppers, nacho cheese and chips. Most of all, he loved belly rub!

He will be truly missed…


Sweet Redland, one of our Forever Care Boxers, lost his last battle with the big ‘C’. He was a real trooper and did his best to stay loved in his new life. But it wasn’t meant to be. We will miss you big guy and to know you were loved at the end of your life puts a smile on our faces



It is with deep sorrow we announce that Coach has crossed the rainbow bridge. Your family loved you more than you will know, from your love of the car – whether it’s being driven or not, to your sweet kisses and kind face. Run free sweet boy!



It is with great sadness we announce that Heidi Rose has crossed the bridge. Heidi Rose was a Forever Care boxer – although you would never know it. Her foster mama was with her. She had HoHo’s, a girl loves her junk food, and pork rinds. She will greatly be missed.



Grayson was helped to cross over the rainbow bridge today.Grayson2

A sweet boy whose owners did not care for him – otherwise the tumor on his side would not have gotten that big. The mass was huge and cancerous and then an infection set in. It had spread to where it was in his stomach and headed up to his right shoulder. Vet wasn’t sure if they could even close certain areas as there would not be enough tissue and possible removal of the right leg.  Grayson was in pain and suffering.

Grayson busted out of AS in a new collar and leash. He dined at Mickey Dee with two cheeseburgers and fries and had a glazed chocolate Dunkin Donut for dessert as he watched the water in the pond.  From there we went to the vets office where he was gently held and loved as we said goodbye.  Though we were unable to save him from his horrible neglect, Grayson is no longer suffering and now running pain free with our other beloved Boxers.



Its with DEEP sorrow that we inform you that Haus collapsed during a walk this morning and passed away. We are heartbroken beyond words. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. We are glad that we could give him a few really good months but we were expecting 3 or more years. His personality was just starting to really blossom. He started playing with toys and wanted to be on the couch and snuggle with us. He will be missed. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to care for this great boy.
~ Mike and Janet Schraerhoss


Lucky lost his battle with his illnesses today. His foster parents are heartbroken. He was only with them for about six months, but he was loved and will be truly missed. He is now free and pain-free and waiting for all of us at the Rainbow Bridge

Run free and painless sweet boy.


BRAF Angel Janet named him Gentle Ben, a 10-12 year old incredibly sweet senior who had come in as a stray at one of our shelter partners.  Tumors hanging from his body, nails never clipped, and every backbone showing, Ben had bladder cancer and was peeing pus.  While Ben was only with BRAF for a few short hours, he was loved on, wined and dined.

From his Angel:  “Gentle Ben and I had breakfast at Tiffany’s (McDonalds),  then a slow drive with windows open so Ben could sniff the fresh air and have lunch by a pond – kids meal cheeseburger with fries, though he didn’t care for the apple slices.  Ben gave the most wonderful kisses and thanked everyone at Pasco for helping him, and gently kissed me and our vet  as we said goodbye.  Gentle Ben now runs free of pain but I will forever be haunted by how he looked. Never should a dog come in like this!  If you can’t take care of a dog, cat or other animal – don’t get one….. You may think they don’t suffer pain, they DO!”

Thank you to our BRAF Angel Janet for giving Gentle Ben the love he so deserved before setting him free at the Rainbow Bridge.


We are saddened to inform everyone that sweet Emma did not make it. She apparently had a malignancy in her throat and was unable to eat in addition to atrophy in her legs as well as other issues. The Vet said the most humane thing to do was to let her go in peace. While we weren’t able to save Emma she will forever be one of our Angel Boxers.


We were sad to hear of the passing of Quorra (Corra) who was in Forever Care with BRAF.  Her foster family loved her dearly and Foster Mom sent us this message after helping Corra cross the bridge:

Corra left a big impression on me, throughout all my furs she was different and I was totally connected with her. She left her life the way she entered mine, with love, grace and faithfulness. My Corra left her mark in my heart. I’d like to say how rewarding and comforting it was to be a foster and being able to love and care for her when she needed it most. My most thanks go out to FBR and BRAF, especially to Dawn Thompson who opened my eyes on how much needed fosters are….. to help these fur babies young and old be such a wonderful part of our lives. Also to the dedicated staff at Palmer Ranch Animal Clinic, I thank you for your support helping Corra. You are just awesome.

The Davis Family


This sweet boy was rescued from one of our shelter partners who called the Angels to help this boy who was heavy heartworm positive.  Sadly, soon after he arrived in rescue we learned this lover boy with gentle kisses also suffered from lung cancer.  Memphis was gently helped across the bridge with an Angel by his side.  Though only with us a short time he melted the hearts of all he met.  Run free and painless dear Memphis.  Your paw  prints will forever be on our hearts.

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