ID: A24-008
Status: Medical Pending
Age: 8 yrs
Gender: Male
Color: Flashy Fawn
Weight: 85 lbs
Ears: Natural
Tail: Docked
Children: Older
Dogs: Unknown
Cats: No
Contact: Jess

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01/15/2024 – Codi is bonded with Piper A24-007, and they must be kept together. He is friendly but a little reserved with strangers.  Codi is a little more needy with the people he knows and enjoys being close so he can touch you.

Codi is excellent in the car, enjoys bathing, and walks well on a leash.  When Dad sees another dog, they walk across the street, and Codi doesn’t react at all.  Walks are slow since he is busy marking the neighborhood as his own.  Codi and Piper sleep on dog beds in their foster parent’s room at night. They haven’t been left home alone yet, but there is no indication that they would tear the house apart if they were.