ID: A23-037
Status: Medical Pending
Age: 4 yrs
Gender: Female
Color: Brindle
Weight: 46 lbs
Ears: Natural
Tail: Docked
Children: Over 10 yrs
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Unknown
Contact: Lori

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08/05/2023 – Fawne might be the sweetest girl you could ever meet. Sadly, she is heartworm positive and needs to start treatment once she’s spayed. While visiting the vet’s office, she was polite and respectful to every dog and person she met. She really loves small dogs and puppies.  Fawne is a calm girl who hardly ever barks. She does great with meeting new people and dogs. Foster Mom can clip her nails, clean her ears, and wipe her paws off after walking. She has not learned how to play with toys yet, and has no idea what to do with treats, fruit, and vegetables. Hopefully in time she will learn to play and enjoy treats.  She is perfectly content just hanging out or snuggling up with you. She has latched on to her Foster Mom and shadows her everywhere she goes. Mom said she is heaven on a leash, and is the easiest dog to take on a walk.  

07/26/2023 – Fawne is Cheyanne’s daughter and is just as sweet and loving as her mom. She has never had a toy or bone; she didn’t even know how to accept a treat from her foster mom. It was obvious she had never worn a collar or walked on a leash. She has amazing leash manners, but if you drop the leash, she is immobilized because she has no clue what’s going on. She is in a wonderful foster home, surrounded by kids and several other dogs, where she will learn to be the fun-loving dog she is meant to be.